Thursday, 28 November 2013

Am I too dumb to realize Im dumb?

Looking back at things in my life,at times I catch myself saying, gee,was I dumb.But in the same sense at times I am glad I am dumb.One day we had drunken company.Company that brings booze with them.The kind of people that make me want to catch up with them and down my eggnog.Well the female side of this duo was rather bold and very worldly about sex. Not too mention 10 yrs younger than me.We drank and she talked about sex.Every conversation we had involved sex. I turned red so many times that nite ,I stay that colour till she left.She was talking about things I had never heard of.It was like I was so dumb.She taught me alot and made me feel stupid...I was married and I had a 9 yr old daughter.I thought I knew everything about sex.I didn't let on, I just sat and laughed and took it all in.Well now I'm sure that happens to other people right? Any hoo,here's the part I wish I had stayed dumb about that night.She walked out of my bathroom holding my daughters electric tooth brush in her hand.Yes, she went in to my medicine cabinet. This is the part where I was wishing a speeding car would crash through my kitchen and kill me. HEH HEH! Well Missy...what do you use this for? Lord love a duck! I didn't know.Well it wasn't an act, and she knew I didn't know.She was laughing at how dumb I was.(Wheres  that  Car??!!!)Bloody! It upset me to think about my child's tooth brush as a sexual toy! Made me want to throw up all  15 eggnog's.I immediately grabbed it away from her and threw it in the trash.I wiped my brow and thought to myself..I'm glad I was dumb.My daughter is 31 now. I'm not so dumb anymore, or am I?